Pet policy

Fernglen Forest Retreat pet policy:At Fernglen Forest Retreat, we understand that you may not want to leave your furry friends at home during your stay and we will therefore try and accommodate your pet as well. However, our retreat is located in a pristine nature area on Mount Dandenong with precious wildlife living on the property. Therefore, it is important some rules are established and followed during your stay to ensure everyone’s enjoyment and that the environment is maintained.

These rules are as follows:

  • Please advise Fernglen Forest Retreat in advance of your intention to bring pets.
  • Please be aware that are fully responsible for any damage made to property or the natural environment by your pet.
  • Guests are to remove rugs from the floor so that pets do not lay on or use these.
  • Pets are not allowed on couches, beds, armchairs, tables, or benches.
  • Guests will be charged an extra cleaning fee should your pet lay on or use the soft furnishings.
  • Pets are restricted to cats and dogs unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
  • Please bring a bed and toilet (e.g., litter tray) for each pet.
  • Please bring all feeding requirements (e.g., food and water bowls) for each pet.
  • Please do not, under circumstances, use blankets, sheets, doonas, pillows, etc provided by us, for your pet.
  • If you bring your pet outside, they must always be on a leash and supervised.
  • If your pet is using the outdoors as their toilet, peeing and pooing on lawns or any area near the dwellings or the creek is strictly prohibited. If your pet poos outside, please bring plastic bags and pick up their faeces’ and please dispose of bags properly.
  • Be aware that pets incur an additional cost and a security bond will be taken to cover potential damage or extra cleaning. The bond will be released upon confirmation that no damage has been made to the property.

If you would like to bring your pet please include this an add on when booking.