Cancellations and refunds

  • You cancel more than 21 days prior to your check in date: A full refund will be provided less a processing fee charged to us by a third party to process the refund*
  • You cancel more than 7 days but less than 21 days prior to your check in date – You have the option of either:
    • Receiving a 50% refund of the amount paid, or
    • Receiving a credit of 100% of the amount paid that can be used for future bookings.
  • You cancel more than 48 hours but less than 7 days prior to the check in date - You have the option of either:
    • Receiving a refund of the amount paid for cleaning costs, or
    • Receiving a credit of 50% of the amount paid that can be used for future bookings
  • You cancel less than 48 hours prior to the check in date or no show – No refunds or credits.

In addition to the general policy for refunds above, Fernglen Forest Retreat may, at our discretion, issue a credit to a Client where extenuating circumstances apply. If you have to cancel and you think the situation falls under extenuating circumstances, please send us an email at along with any evidence supporting your situation. Please note that you must notify us of your intention to cancel in writing as soon as possible prior to your stay. Notifications during, or after, your booked stay will be treated as a ‘no show’ and will not be eligible for consideration under extenuating circumstances.

The third party typically charges 2 % for domestic cards and 3 % for international cards.

Liability waiver

The client agrees to release and forever discharge FGFR Pty Ltd ATF The Clara Muller Family Trust (trading as Fernglen Forest Retreat) and its employees from of any liability in terms of damage, loss or injury arising out of or in connection with this agreement. In particular, we are not liable for Acts of God that may occur while staying on the property. By paying us the amount set out in this quote (in part or full), you agree to these terms.

Smoking/Vaping policy

Smoking and vaping inside the house is strictly prohibited. A cleaning fee of $500 will be charged if guests smoke or vape inside. The verandah is sheltered and provides an area to smoke and vape. Guests are to remove all smoking and vaping related rubbish and not to litter the forest of grounds. Guests will be charged an additional cleaning fee if they leave smoking or vaping related rubbish on site. 

Pet policy

Please refer to the Pet Policy for our terms and conditions related to your furry friends. 

Noise and courtesy to neighbours

Our retreat is a place of peace and rest. Please ensure that you are quiet from 10pm in consideration of other guests and neighbours.

Natural Environment

Please note the Dandenong Ranges is home many animals and also to small little bugs which is a natural part of our ecosystem. You may encounter or hear some animals while staying with us, including noise from birdsong and possums. Small little bugs can also sometimes get inside and we do our very best to gently remove them during changeover.


Accommodation is for the use of the guests nominated in the booking only. Gatherings or events are permitted in the dwelling only if arranged explicitly with management and the accommodation is booked as such.

Security Bonds

A refundable security bond of $200 is taken with every booking. This will returned after check-out, providing no damage has been caused to the property or grounds.Please note that check in key codes will be not be provided in events where the security bond is unable to be taken and we reserve the right to refuse your stay. In this event, the standard cancellation policy will apply.

Acts of God

Our Retreat is situated within a natural environment. We are not liable for acts of God that may occur while staying with us.